We Offer Accredited Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) for the 21st Century - Online or In Person

"The effect we have on other people is in turn passed on to others, much as the ripples in a pond go on and on..." - Irvin Yalom

We have listened carefully to the voices of our learners/interns, our interdisciplinary colleagues, the interfaith community and each other. We have repeatedly heard the need expressed for a genuine international and interfaith-based spiritual and pastoral care Learning Center that educates, nurtures and supports individuals, in a wide diversity of settings. We are a Learning Center which is working every day to educate Clinical Chaplains and Spiritual Care Counselors that support and companion those that are facing crisis, change and suffering. And we offer Clinical Pastoral Education online and in person.

We offer a relational, inclusive and personalized approach while encouraging growth in the wisdom, knowledge and skills needed for spiritual care in the 21st century. Our Community-Based CPE seeks to foster common ground among multiple faith groups, interfaith communities, spiritual but not religious and non-theist perspectives in a myriad of clinical environments.

SLCET offers distance learning CPE Program online via video-conference and in-person CPE programs in the Denver and Golden, Colorado area.

You Choose: Clinical Pastoral Education Online Distance Learning or in Person


Our Learning Center is dually accredited by the following organizations:

SLCET is an accredited Training Center of CPSP

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