Interested in becoming a CPE Supervisor?

Certified CPE Supervisors educate, prepare and supervise the development of Clinical Chaplains and Pastoral Counselors. It takes sharp clinical skills, competent teaching acumen and the ability to facilitate a chaplain's heart and head. Most of all it takes a passion for Clinical Pastoral Education and for ministry in specialized settings.

The journey to becoming a certified CPE Supervisor is not an easy one, but it is an adventure that deeply rewards those that are called and committed.

SLCET's Supervisory Education Program

SLCET's Supervisory Education Program combines clinical education fieldwork and seminar and peer group process and reflection. The seminar and peer group session are set up for a two year program, however enrolled Fellows are expected to remain active in the seminar/peer group until they are certified. Each enrolled Fellow will remain in the program until they pass review by their primary supervisor and a review committee that determines readiness for presentation to a certifying committee of their peers.

The curriculum is designed to prepare the Fellows/SITs at their own pace to meet competencies and standards of behavior as defined by both CSCPF and CPSP. The seminar and peer group is scheduled September - May with consortium participation 3 times a year.

Our Supervisory program is offered online and in person, however Fellows/SITs are required to meet in person with their supervisor a minimum of 4 times a year as part of a retreat or individual supervision.

SIT/SEF Application

In addition to completing an application, candidates for the program are required to participate in an interview with their supervisor and with representatives of the Learning Center's CSCPF Community and/or CPSP Chapter.

SLCET's Supervisory Program is dually accredited and prepares its Learners to candidate for certification as Supervisors in CSCPF and/or CPSP.

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