Our Graduates

Want to know what our graduates are doing in the field of Spiritual Care? Here are profiles.

Chaplain Rev. Alberta Buller


I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to study CPE online with SLCET and Rev. Paula Belleggie.  When I started the online course with SLCET, I was working and attending The Episcopal School for Deacons.  The ability to take my CPE classes online fit my busy schedule perfectly. One unit is all that was required in my ordination process.  But halfway through my first unit, I knew I wanted to learn more. Rev. Paula has a way of seeing into your heart and helping you discover how to be the best chaplain you can be. I've been told by others of CPE programs that tend to tear a person down and then build them up again.  Rev. Paula's way is more insightful. Her comments and reflections on my work were absolutely spot on so that I was able to learn more about myself in a supportive environment. 

My field education placement was Marin General Hospital.  There was a chaplain resident position  open there, at the time, for a 12-18 month posting. Well, I completed my 4 units of CPE with Rev. Paula in June 2016 and was ordained a week later at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. My field ed time at Marin General was ending then too. Fortunately for me, Marin General created a position for me so that I could stay. I am now one of 3 staff chaplains there.  The other two are supervisors. In my position, I am considered the link between the supervisors and the resident chaplains.  In my role, I continue to see patients regularly as an interfaith chaplain (Marin General is a Level 3 trauma hospital and also has the only locked Behavioral Health unit in the area) and I also take part in training the resident chaplains.  I serve a diverse community of needs with people of different faith traditions and many with no faith background.

I also serve two Episcopal churches and am able to utilize what I've learned in my pastoral care work with congregants. 

“This path began because I needed one unit of CPE. But because of the excellent foundation and training I received from Rev. Paula and SLCET it has become my new career.  Each day that I walk into Marin General, I have no idea what I will encounter but each day I'm eternally grateful and walk in feeling prepared to serve. Thank you Rev. Paula and SLCET!”